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September 28th
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Transmedia storytelling falls into 3 camps – there are different examples and maybe more – but this covers a goodly chunk. (Goodly Chunk ?- what  a very northern English phrase)

I’ll list them and then provide a youtube fest of examples…….

Thanks to Jeff Gomez for these labels / definitions -

Marketing Transmedia is about extending the narrative beyond the main form, solely to increase audience reach – to launch a new product and create interest and by in from a  loyal audience.

Franchise Transmedia a “brand”  - (e.g. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) may have outputs across a number of platforms:  - comic books / novels / TV series / film / games / mobile apps…… but the storylines may not be connected as each “platform” has it’s own unlinked Franchise and therefore control / ownership  over its own franchise  content and there is little or no desire / interest / commercial reason inbuilt to share or work together….

Native Transmedia Here the story is interwoven and created to be experienced in full over a number of  ”appropriate to the story” platforms – the story design and platform integration is grown idea 1st and appropriate platforms 2nd – though inevitably – funding may come from a broadcaster or other source, so one medium may be dominant.

Below there’s a Youtube Fest of Examples

Soapbox Paragraph! Organisations that have the power, resources and output capabilities to create mixed media works still seem stuck in silos and are locked in  fights about where Transmedia sits – but the truly powerful future works and past examples come when the 3 tranches unite – so media giants have an incredible opportunity to down battle tools and create the next generation of story……. Soapbox rant over!

Marketing  Transmedia

Narratives as Marketing: Dark Knight ARG created by the incredible  42 Entertainment  is still a great example of this……….

Cathy’s Book is by the same company  - in this case marketing a book launch via ARG like story structure methods  - see both the trailer, inside the book (still for sale)  and the short “audience reaction” video… it’s now an iphone app apparently – but my phone doesn’t agree!

Native Transmedia Online – Arg Conspiracy for Good

It’s worth talking to Tim Kring – maker of Heroes, Christy Dena of Universe Creation 101 and the maker of the Truth about Marika for more information on this……..

An example of NativeTransmedia ? This is one platform led – TV
The Truth About Marika

Could this happen in the UK? it raised interesting questions about truth / responsibility and blurring of boundaries……

Native Transmedia eg 2 – led medium: Website, – with video / mapping / topic tagging / and timelining.  Here’s an interesting example I think about how one might navigate story – you can enter the website and select the story content by Event / Topic / Character / Place on a Map….  It’s Created by Upion for Arte TV – and is very exciting – but actually a great example of how, when the role of writer / producer as story editor is missing – you can get a little lost in content.

For all those traditional content producers who are afraid their craft is dying  this is a good example of why we need an editorial guiding hand.  My best experience of this site was when the creator Alexandre Brachet performed a “mix” of the content – editing it to create  a narrative that made sense – something producers and directors do in edit suites every day…… and a good example of why we will always want those who can craft content into something wonderful – great story – to guide audiences.

The youtube clip doesn’t do it justice  - go to and theire newest venture is a fascinating content tour too

I’ve moved what is available to try now into a separate post and also  an update on self publishing tools to try things out yourself into a separate blog too

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